Big brother

No one else makes Leah laugh so freely (believe me, I've tried).  He just has a way with all the little girls around here. :)

Say what?!

This baby does NOT like applesauce. SO weird...


Leah really likes making this sound now. SO much, in fact, that she started to drown out both the Sunday school and RS teachers this week. I don't get to stay in class much these days...

Updates's embarrassing how long it's been since I've even looked at this blog. I think Todd had put the most noteworthy things (Leah's birth, Caleb's kindergarten graduation, lost his first tooth, etc.) ...on Facebook, and I've recently updated Shutterfly. But, here are a few recent videos to make up for it....

First day of dance class (June 1st)



Our blessings

For FHE tonight, we read the First Presidency message from this month's Friend magazine. Then we took our camera on a blessings hunt. This is what we came up with!

Some of Madeline's blessings:


Some of Caleb's blessings:

Some of Mom's blessings:

We have so much to be thankful for! The Lord is good to us.


Caleb. MY Caleb. Left me for another woman. Her name is Mrs. Thomas. And she gets him for 2 1/2 hours, 5 days a week. That's a lot to swallow as a mother!!!  But I survived.

We're definitely at a "me too" stage with this little girl.

 I contemplated emailing this photo to Caleb's teacher as a warning.
 But, she's been teaching for over 20 years. 

 An enthusiastic Caleb with his tired daddy. My men are so handsome!

 He asked for monkey brains for breakfast. 
Other kids grew up calling it monkey bread, I'm sure. But I had an awesomely creative mom :)

Pouting. It happened a lot this morning. At one point, I took her hands in mine and said dramatically, "Madeline! OH, my Madeline!" She yanked her hands back before I could continue and said, 
"I'm not dead Mom."

We managed to cheer her up a little.

We picked up our neighbor on the way to school 
(his younger brother ended up with afternoon kindergarten. Bummer).

He WOULD NOT let us accompany him into the school today. (Perhaps it has something to do with taking him in yesterday after school to practice finding the different places he needed to go?) So we settled for a photo outside...and then I watched my baby gallop away from me with his friend.

We entertained ourselves by making mini banana muffins and visiting teaching.

Such a glorious sight! 

Caleb and a girl from the ward
 (one of the 4 or 5 other kids from our ward who happen to be in his class...
yeah, only in Utah. 1/4 of his class is in our ward...). 
They had to line up and touch the fence before being allowed to run to their parents. 
You could totally tell which of us parents were doing this for the first time! 

We surprised Caleb with a picnic lunch and playing an hour and a half at the park. 
(Had to wind down his excitement somehow!)
She's all smiles now that we have our Caleb back, 
and she understands that she has a lot of work and learning to do when he goes away each day!

First real haircut!