Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

I put up our Christmas tree during the BYU vs Utah game so that we could enjoy it before heading out for the holidays. I strategically place it in a cubby created by our couches so that a certain little one didn't pull it down on himself. The cubby left just one side exposed. After Caleb discovered the weakness, we had to put his arch-nemesis (the singing cow) on guard duty...

I never thought I would use a cow as a Christmas decoration, but I'm not complaining since Christ was born in a stable. It actually seems quit fitting! Plus, our tree has remained in tact for several weeks now. Caleb still likes to peak at the tree from the other side...when he thinks no one is looking.

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  1. lindaharper Says:

    Are you going to bring the cow to protect our tree? Hopefully we'll keep him so busy he won't be able to get close! Eric pulled our tree over his first Christmas, but at least he waited until Dec 26.