We flew to Wisconsin, drove to Michigan, drove back to Wisconsin, then flew home. Phew! Everybody has colds now (sorry guys...but you asked for Caleb's kisses!), but we're otherwise no worse for the wear. Here are some highlights:

Goodnight hugs (aka tackle)

Discovery World:

While Caleb was standing up against the glass, a swordfish came swooping toward him. Caleb stepped back, pointed at the fish and yelled "NO!" As if he were reprimanding a dog!

Uncle Chris really got into the act while checking out the pirate ship.

Waiting for our food at Kopps, a popular burger and frozen
custard chain in Wisconsin, (Caleb had fallen asleep):

He stole my cookie!

As if Nana hadn't run around enough while prepping for our arrival!
Caleb gave her legs a good workout after chasing her around the kitchen island.

Making cookies with Aunt "Bidgy" (he never said her name to her
face during our visit...a fact that she will probably not let me forget for a while)

While all the big kids had a marshmallow war, Caleb and my cousin's son Curtis enjoyed the playground (in the lovely 28 degree weather). As you can tell from his expression, I don't think Curtis knew what to think about Caleb half the time.

We tried to do a 4-generation photo with Great-Grandma...but she refused to look at the camera, and Caleb had decided it was nap time...oh well.

Great-Nana really knows how to connect with little guys still :) When we were driving away for the long trip back to WI, Caleb waved at her and said "Hi Nana!" This is Caleb watching George of the Jungle with my youngest cousin Will.

Nothing like riding in PJs while watching Toy Story on Daddy's phone!

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