Last Friday

We started our day having some gentle fun with cousin Toria! It was such a nice way to start the day. Caleb spent about 5 minutes rocking her car seat singing, "Hi baby Toria, hi baby Toria." When that got old, he insisted they finish the last 15 minutes of Sesame Street together:

Caleb making sure Victoria is watching

When that was done, Victoria started to fuss a little (I don't blame her, I wouldn't want to be in a car seat that long either). Caleb put his face inches away from her nose, hands on his hips and said, "NO crying. I said NO crying," in a very stern 2 year old tone. Surprisingly, it worked! She thought he was funny.

A little later, we went to our neighbor's birthday party. Victoria was such a good sport. I think she enjoyed watching all those kids in the pool. Anyway, I borrowed these pictures from my neighbor's blog:

Caleb holding onto a girl's legs and screaming
because his best friend pushed him into the pool

Caleb trying to blow out the birthday candles through his
teeth because Adam wasn't interested in doing it for himself
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