Countdown days 20 - 13

Day 20 - We "Booed" a few neighbors with cookies. Someone had "Phantomed" us, so we passed along the note too.

Day 19 - Work on costumes!  I won't add any pictures for this either...don't want to spoil the grand reveal!

Day 18 - What's a ghost's favorite ride at the carnival? The Roller Ghoster!

Day 17 - Get wrapped up like a mummy...and then, in the words of Caleb, have a "party."

Day 16 - visited the canyon to collect sticks...I wish I had brought my camera!  The children were enchanted by the leaves falling with each gust of wind.

Day 15 - Make spiderwebs!

Day 14 - Play "Don't Eat Jack!" (Don't Eat Pete...but a Halloween version.)

Caleb and Todd were drawing the faces on our jack-o-lantern game boards.
Day 13 - Caleb glued bits of his mummy "costume" onto a ghost and mummy. 

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  1. Courtney Says:

    Holy smokes woman! Look how big those little ones are getting! LoL I really need to come visit... It looks like you all are keeping so busy! Awesome October activities. I'm excited to see the boys' costumes. :-)