Celebrating Caleb

How does one celebrate the 5 glorious and challenging years of your child?

Birthday donuts, helium balloons, going bowling and playing arcade games, opening presents....

(Our gifts to Caleb were mostly on the practical side - aka, not particularly photo worthy. We left the fun and frivolous to his fantastic grandparents!)

Then we ate out at...Subway (bet you didn't know that was his favorite restaurant!). 
The next day was party day with friends!
Caleb asked for a

Rescue Bot!
 themed birthday party.

 We played "douse the house" with water shaped bean bags

 and had a bucket brigade race for Heatwave, the fire truck.

Then keep the balloon up, duck duck goose, and "simon says."

After a lunch of pizza and opening presents, 
there was cake and ice cream for everyone.
Victoria really approved of that cupcake!

Our big guy had a great day. Thanks for the love everyone!

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