Moving time

So were moving. We signed the contract and got the keys today. I just got off the phone with the gas and electric companies to have everything moved into our name. Tomorrow we will go to the post office and have everything forwarded to the new address. Its a bigger apartment than the one that we are moving out of so that will help with the family size increase coming our way in a few months. Since we have the scheduled check out of our current apartment on Saturday, we get to move in at our own pace which is nice. My only concern is that we wont have cable, which means that it might be difficult to finish watching all the college football bowls. Other than that however, the new place will be good for us.
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  1. lindaharper Says:

    I'm glad you started your blog. Happy moving. . . and let us know how you are doing and that you are set up!

    Love ya.