A depressed plant

Last week we moved. It was a great way to bring in the new year. I guess we really took the whole change thing to heart. New years day we got up early and started the move. Smart us we never went and got boxes so we used the ones we had on hand from different appliances. Amanda packed them up and I moved them out. I think I made three or four trips on my own and Amanda came on two or three more. By the end of the day we had successfully moved most of our apartment. Man was I sore. I dont know what was heavier, the boxes of books or the clothes that we left on the hangars to put right back in the closet. Maybe the clothes since they had my suits and stuff too. Since I'm a big guy I need a lot of cloth to cover me.

The second we once again got up early and made another trip moving. We had some guys from the Spanish ward come with a truck to help us move the big stuff. Amanda stayed in the old apartment and started cleaning. Within an hour or so we had all our furniture moved over. It was me and a 17 year old kid that did all the heavy lifting. The couch was the worst. I dont remember it being so hard to get up in that apartment. After we got the furniture moved I went back and started cleaning with Amanda. We got done that night around six or so and got all checked out. We did have one last car load in the car with things like the vaccum and the microwave and Amanda's plant but I was done moving things from the car so I left them there. That proved to be a not so good idea, especially for the plant.

So the next day we realize that we need a few things that were in the car so we decide to unload it. The temperature the night before was pretty low so everything was still very cold. We bring everything in and get to work setting up house. A little later we see this:

Apparently the plant had frozen. When I brought it in from the car everything was still standing upright so I didnt think anything of it. There was no hope in saving the depressed leaves so they had to be cut and this was the result:

Poor plant. Amanda was going to re-pot it since it was getting so big, but it doesn't need it anymore. I got our entertainment center all put together. Some of the plastic corner braces were busted so I had to go out and get some metal ones to fix it. Now its even more sturdier than it was before. I did a good job if I do say so myself. The rest of the third consisted of getting things kind of put in the right place but not all the way moved in. Stay tuned for the next installment.
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