Mobile Apps

So I'm in an operating systems class. Its a good class. I enjoy going and learning. We have a lot of labs and two "big" projects. One is to build our own OS. No not write one ourselves, but get the source code and put together an OS with all the features that we want and then compile it. The other big project is to write an application for a mobile platform like the iphone or Windows Mobile or Google's Android. To get a C we can do a simple "Hello World" app which is really easy to do, hence the C. To get an A we can come up with something of our own and write the application. I decided to do a memory game for the Windows Mobile platform and I'm almost done. Everything works except for keeping score. At the moment you can only play a 4 by 4 square. I think that I might add an option for other sizes too, but probably after I turn the project in. The hardest part about writing it was learning the syntax to do it. C# is a weird language, but when you learn the syntax its pretty easy to do things. The other problem that I havent solved yet is actually porting the app to a phone. Right now it just runs in the emulator. Im anxious to see how it does on a real phone.

A couple of friends in the lab and my self are going to write an application for the iphone. The idea is to make some money. We just need to come up with a good idea for an application. It can be anything. One of the top ten apps for the iphone is called iFart, which plays different flatulant sounds. Thats it. And the creator has made close to a million. So if anyone has any good ideas send them my way and who knows, it might turn out to be a best seller.
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