So last Thursday Amanda had quite the adventure at home after she got back from campus. To start the story, the kitchen sink faucet hardly has any water pressure at all. This makes it difficult to do dishes so we tend to let them build up cause neither of us wants to deal with the horrible water pressure.

So Thursday came along and it was time for the dishes to be done. Amanda, bless her heart, got home from school and did them instead of doing homework or taking a nap. After doing the dishes she needed to get ready for work so she hopped in the shower like she normally does. As she was about to dry her hair she heard some water running. She checked the shower, and nothing. She checked behind the washer, and nothing. Checked the kitchen sink, nothing. Then she opened up the utility closet and she is met with steaming hot water gushing from the water heater. By that time enough water had leaked that the carpet was wet.

Not having had any experience with something like that before she frantically looked for something to turn it off. Not seeing anything she ran for the cleaning bucket to catch the water. After placing the bucket she inspected the heater again and she saw a lever on the top. She figured, what the hey, it's worth a try. So she flipped it. As she was reaching to flip the lever her wrist touched one of the pipes and she got burned, though she didn't realize it at the time. After flipping the lever she wasn't sure if she had done the right thing since the water didn't stop right away but was still dripping. She ran and got some towels to soak up some of the water and also took advantage to dump out the bucket. By that time the water was at a heavy drip. It was then that she hopped online and told me about it. I called Uncle Jim who went down and fixed the valve.

Needless to say Amanda didn't make it to work that day. She wound up having a burn on her wrist about the size of a quarter. It bubbled up to a blister that night but now it's healing quite nicely. The worst part about the whole danged thing is we didn't get a chance to get the sink fixed, so we are still stuck with no water pressure in the sink. Looking over right now to it, I can see some dishes that I've got to do.

They can wait a little longer.....
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