Caleb Michael Harper

Saturday. AM. 5:03................................................

Another Harper was born. Caleb Michael made his way into our lives. Thursday evening Amanda started to have pre-labor contractions. They weren't strong, and only had a couple an hour. That continued all night. Every so often she would kind of groan in her sleep because of them. I kept waking up asking if she was ok, and she was. I was lucky enough not to have classes on Firday so I took Amanda up to hers. I got some stuff done around the house and picked her up in the early afternoon. She was still having contractions but still the pre-labor ones.

We had a relaxing afternoon. She watched While You Were Sleeping, and I worked from home. About seven or so she decided to lie down for a little bit. A little bit later she came out saying that the contractions were getting stronger and closer together. At that point we started timing them. After about six or so being relatively close she took a hot shower to help with the cramping. They kept getting stronger and stronger. by ten thirty or so we time them again and they are getting closer together so we called the doctor to let them know we were going in. We get into the hospital around eleven thirty that night. Here is where the fun begins.

When we get in they check Amanda out and say that within a few hours we should have a baby. Contraction after contraction and we werent getting closer. By four in the morning the doctor tells Amanda to start pushing with each contraction. I dont think I've seen someone's face get so red. It hurt watching. By 4:30 the doctor checks the position of the baby and realizes whats wrong. Instead of being face down with his chin tucked so that his head could go through easily, Caleb was face-up with his chin up. Thats why there wasnt any progress being made. I must say here that up untill this point Amanda did not receive any medication. To say that she is a warrior is an understatement.

So the doctor says that there are basically two options, a c-section and using forcepts to help the baby through. The c-section was the last resort in the event that the forcepts didnt work. So they wheel Amanda into the operating room to get her set up. There they give her an epidural to numb her for the procedure. I on the other hand am changing into scrubs so I can be in the same room. I get in the room and they get underway. It was interesing to be in the procedure. The whole time I kept thinking, all this medical advancement and we have to resort to using pliers deliver the baby. Needless to say the forcepts worked. The poor little guy has a nasty bruise on his head. Good thing that will go away in a few days.

So his stats:
Weight: 7 lbs. 3 oz
Length: 19.5 inches
Official time: 5:03 AM

So there is the story. Little Caleb is here to stay.
Now I'm going to sleep.
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  1. Jennifer Says:

    Todd he beautiful CONGRATS to the both of you. I hope that yall are all doing well.