So Sunday we brought Caleb home. Amanda later said that we probably should have stayed over night again so she could get her pain meds and so that they could monitor Caleb just a little bit more. The reason for the latter is that sometimes it's hard to tell if he is breathing. So anyway, we brought him home. That night was pretty long. We alternated about every hour watching him so that the other could sleep a little. I think that I got more sleep than Amanda since it seemed that he was nursing all night long.

On Monday Amanda's mom flew in to help out. This is a good thing. That night we went into bed around 9ish while she played with him and kept him awake. He fed again around midnight and Amanda brought him in around one. Amanda was exausted so I woke up and stayed up with him till about six, only snoozing a little when he nursed in the middle. About six he nursed again and after Amanda's mom took him and let us sleep. I didnt wake up till about 11:30. That was a nice long uninterrupted sleep. So he is home. Being tired is starting to become natural. Welcome to the club right?
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